Here are some practical tips and other additional info to help you plan your own private event at Cinema Orion. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you still have some questions about cinema hire: vuokraukset (at)

We hope you and your guest will enjoy your time at our cinema!


You can choose the film from our current programme or from our catalogue: Please notice that apart from our own catalogue we cannot guarantee the availability of films before asking the distributor. We would appreciate if you could inform us your film wish as soon as possible, the duration of the film determines the time you will be needing for your private event.


Private events can be organized mainly from Monday to Thursday, or on weekend before 14 o'clock.

Please take into account that the hire time includes the time you need for pre preparations AND the cleaning in the end of your event.


We don't have our own catering service at Cinema Orion. However, we can ask our partners for offers or you can choose a service for your own liking. Please notice that catering services usually need approximately 45-60 mins to set up their servings. This time should be included in your hire time. Please notice that the catering services won't do the final cleaning up unless agreed otherwise. Due to the limited storage space at the cinema, we don't have dishes for your servings but you can of course bring your own plates, glasses etc. The only water supply point is in the toilets.

We have a selection of beverages and sweets, and face masks if needed, sold at the box office.


If you have a food/drink serving, we recommend you do that in the beginning of your event before the screening, unless your event is the last one of the evening, in which case you can also have your serving after the screening.


Our lobby area can fit approximately 60 people standing (less if you have catering tables in use) and our cinema hall has seats for 214 people. The host of the private event is responsible for the event and the suitable amount of people. However, Cinema Orion follows the recommendations of Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland and we may have to limit the amount of people in our cinema due to that. We have two toilets in use for guests.


We have six two-seat sofas in our lobby and in addition eight stools available. For tables we have three 130cm x 70cm x 72cm sized tables and four smaller round tables which are suitable for use with the sofas and stools in the lobby.


We hope that you leave the cinema in the condition in which it was before your private event. The final cleanup includes recycling the trash and empty bottles in the bins of the cinema hall, tidying the tables and cleaning up other surfaces if needed. We can provide the equipment for the cleanup. The staff of Cinema Orion will do the desinfection of the cinema. You can also buy the final cleanup service from us for the price of 100€ + VAT.

Do you still have some questions about planning/organizing your own private event at our cinema? Please contact us (vuokraukset (at), and we are happy to help you with your event.