Tickets and ticket sale

Online store
You can get tickets to all of our screenings from our box office at the theatre and our online store: The tickets prises include the 10% of value added tax

Cinema Orionin lippukassa
lipunmyynti, lippujen varaustiedustelut:
[email protected], puh. 050 475 7572 (vain teatterin aukioloaikana).
Teatteri avataan 45 min. ennen päivän ensimmäistä näytöstä.

Ticket prices
- The price of a normal ticket is 11 euros.
- The discount price of 9 euros is available for those who are under 18 years old, pensioners, students, unemployed, conscript soldiers or performing their civilian service.

Please notice that Cinema Orion's own serial cards and gift cards cannot be used in screenings of visiting festivals. We don't have seat numbers, so you can choose your seat freely in the cinema hall. The doors to the cinema hall are opened approximately 15-20 minutes before the screenings starts.

Special screenings
Tickets for matinée screenings and selected special screenings cost 9 euros.

Cinema Orion Club membership and discount
By joining our Orion Club you will get a discount of 1€ of your ticket price. The club price of a ticket to a normal screening is then 10€/8€. Please take into account that the club discount doesn't apply to every film in the programmeAdditional information at the Orion Club page.

Serial card
A 5-ticket serial card costs 50 euros and is valid for a year from the date of purchase.

Booking tickets beforehand
You can book your tickets to screenings through our online store. Booked tickets must be reclaimed 30 minutes before the screening starts or the tickets are released back to sale.

Ways of payment
Tickets for screenings can be purchased in the online store when ordering, or at the box office of the cinema.

You can pay with the most common debit or credit cards in the online store. Payment can also be performed through online bank service. Payment goes via Paytrail Oyj site.

We also accept Smartum, Virike and Tyky coupons, Smartum Saldo and Edenred Ticket Virike cards and ePassi mobile payment service. These can be used at the box office at the theatre. In addition you can use Eazybreak as a way of payment in our online store.

Exchange and return policy
Bought tickets cannot be returned or exchanged. However, if you are experiencing any covid-19 symptoms, please contact us to get a refund.

Gift cards
Gift cards can be purchased at the box office at the theatre or through online store. When buying a gift card at the box office, you'll get a beautiful Cinema Orion gift card with an envelope. The following items can be bought as gifts:

5-ticket serial card is valid one year from the date of purchase. Serial card is not personal, you can share it with friends. The price is 50€. Link: osta sarjakortti // Buy a 5-ticket serial card

- Cinema Orion Package contains 2 movie tickets (à 11€ / discount ticket 9€) and snacks of free of choice (13-17€). Price 35€.
Link: Osta leffapaketti // Buy a Cinema Package

"Gift4you" gift card is also an accepted way of payment in Cinema Orion. However, please notice that even though the price of the gift card is 35€, the use value at our cinema is only 29€ beauce Gift4you holds a 6€ comission of their gift cards.

All serial cards bought before or during cinema lockdown of spring 2021 are valid for additional 6 months.
Ennen koronasulkua tai sen aikana ostettujen sarjakorttien ja Cinema Orionin omien lahjakorttien voimassaoloaikaa on jatkettu automaattisesti 6 kuukaudella