The price of a normal movie ticket is 11€ but with the Orion Club discount you'll only pay 10€ for the ticket. Those who are part of some discount group (under 18-year-olds, students, pensioners, the unemployed, conscript soldiers and ones performing their civilian service) and are part of the Orion Club will only pay 8€ for their movie tickets.

Please note that the Orion Club discount is eligible only for selected films.The films with the club discount are listed below. We update this site weekly. The exact screening schedules can be found from the individual film pages.

You can get tickets with the Orion Club discount from the online store with your personal code of your club card or by showing your club card at the box office when buying tickets at the theatre. The discount is personal and you can get one ticket with the club discount per screening.

Buy your ticket from online store this way: enter your membership code by clicking first "onko sinulla alennus-, sarja-, kampanja- tai klubikortin koodi?" (see screenshot below). After entering the code, the possibility to buy discount tickets becomes active. Add tickets to your basket by clicking "lisää liput koriin".

Films eligible for the Orion Club discount:

  • AFTER YANG (Kogonada, USA, 2021, 96 min) DCP
  • AGUIRRE – JUMALAN VIHA (AGUIRRE, DER ZORN GOTTES, Werner Herzog, Saksan liittotasavalta/Meksiko/Peru, 1972, 94 min , K16) DCP
  • BARN (Dag Johan Haugerud, Norja, 2019, 157 min)
  • DARK GLASSES – MUSTAT LASIT (Occhiali neri, Dario Argento, Italia, Ranska, 2022, 86 min, K18) DCP
  • FLUX GOURMET (FLUX GOURMET, Peter Strickland, UK, Unkari, USA, 2022, 111 min, K16) DCP
  • HARAKIRI (SEPPUKU, Masaki Kobayashi, Japani, 1962, 134 min, K16) DCP
  • HISTORJÁ – STICHES FOR SÁPMI (Thomas Jackson, Ruotsi, 2022, 88 min) DCP
  • THE ENIGMA OF KASPAR HAUSER (JEDER FÜR SICH UND GOTT GEGEN ALLE, Werner Herzog, Saksan liittotasavalta, 1974, 110 min, K12) DCP
  • KUPLA (Aleksi Salmenperä, Suomi, 2022, 103 min, K12)
  • LEGEND (LEGEND, Ridley Scott, USA/UK, 1985, 95 min, K12) 35 mm
  • MEMORIA (Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Kolumbia, Thaimaa, Ranska, Saksa, Meksiko, Qatar, UK, Kiina, Sveitsi, 2021, 136 min, K7) 4K DCP
  • THE WOODCUTTER STORY (Mikko Myllylahti, Suomi, Alankomaat, Tanska, Saksa, 2022, 99 min, K12)
  • SKÁL (Cecilie Debell, Maria Tórgarð, Fährsaaret, Tanska, 2021, 75 min, K12)
  • SPEAK NO EVIL (Speak No Evil, Christian Tafdrup, Tanska/Alankomaat, 2022, 97 min, K16) 4K DCP
  • SYDÄNPETO (Aino Suni, Ranska, Suomi, Saksa, 2022, 102 min, K16)
  • THE GOONIES (THE GOONIES, Richard Donner, USA, 1985, 114 min, K12)
  • THE LOST KING (Stephen Frears, UK, 2022, 108)