Invoicing info

We prefer to receive electronic invoices. Compared to paper invoices, processing electronic invoices is faster, cheaper and more reliable for the sender and the receiver.

Our electronic invoice addresses are:

Operator Electronic invoice address Electronical Data Interchange ID (EDI)
OpusCapita Solutions Oy (E204503) 003728069763 003728069763

If you are not able to send electronic invoices, we ask you to send paper invoices in the future to the purchase invoice scanning service. The address is:

Elävän kuvan keskus ELKE ry (OpusCapita skannauspalvelu)
PL 12198

To enable the scanning service to recognise your invoice, this invoice address is to be printed on the actual invoice, not only the envelope. We also ask you to note that no other material than invoices is allowed in this address. The postal address for material, such as notifications, marketing material etc. remains the same as before.

The address of Elävän kuvan keskus ELKE ry / Cinema Orion for email scanning is: ElavankuvankeskusELKEry. [email protected] voit lähettää Elävän kuvan keskus ELKE ry:n sähköpostiskannaukseen osoitteeseen: [email protected]

Please notice that if you are sending us more than one PDF invoice at a time through email scanning, these should be sent in separate emails.