Cinema Accessibility
Unfortunately Cinema Orion is not fully accessible at the moment.

Two wheelchair seats are situated at the balcony of the Cinema. We kindly ask You to contact us beforehand (lipunmyynti(at) when planning to arrive to a screening, that we can ensure you a more pleasant visit.

You can enter the cinema hall by two wheelchair ramps. The lower one is 180 cm long (ascending angle is approximately 32 degrees) so we recommend arriving with a personal assistant. The upper ramp is 150 cm long (ascending angle is 21 degrees). The width of the wheelchair ramps is 70 cm.

Entrance to the wheelchair seats of the balcony.

Please notice that the toilets in the lobby are unfortunately not accessible by wheelchair.

Assistants have a free entry to our screenings. Please book you ticket (lipunmyynti(at) in advance to ensure your seat.

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